A Plethora of Pots for Plants

Indoor plants are now more en vogue than ever. And I wholeheartedly embrace this trend. I've always been a huge advocate of inserting plants to bring life and greenery into any room. 

What's just as important as placing plants throughout your home? As with everything, details matter, and the vessels into which you place each of your plants determine whether your plant family will shine and impress or fade into the background. Keep the aesthetic of your room in mind, but I generally gravitate towards more neutral colored planters with clean lines.  Below are some of my favorites. 

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A couple of things to keep in mind if you are creating a plant collection. If you are keeping a simple color palette for your plant containers, there are a couple of ways to make each vessel stand out. Consider putting one or two plants in a vessel with a stand or maybe using a footed container to get some elevation. Using a container with some texture such as one made of concrete or a pebbled ceramic brings in something different while staying neutral enough to work with whatever else is going in your room.  

Amp up your plant game even more? Dress them up in their Sunday best by placing river rocks, gravel or moss on the top soil. Your plants will thank you and your house guests will steal this idea for their own home. 

And sometimes you just need one really big vessel for that plant that won't stop growing...