From our initial chat to her grand reveal, Clara was the consummate professional and really a joy to work with! I only gave her some general ideas of my aesthetic during our initial conversation, but she nailed it completely.
— Jeffrey J.
Our home is in a new development; several visitors, including our broker, have commented that our décor outshines the model homes.  Yes, I live in one of THOSE homes now - the ones that look like they would be in a magazine or on HGTV.
— J. Leavitt
In the beginning of the process I couldn’t put a finger on what my design aesthetic was. I love vintage items but find too much “stuff” makes me feel uneasy. Clara helped create a warm and inviting space while managing to keep my minimalist preferences in mind. I tend to obsess about details and Clara dealt with this very kindly (which i really appreciate because I know it’s frustrating!).

I would hire Clara again in a heartbeat. I’m so happy with how our place turned out!
— Caitlin J.
Clara was fantastic. From the beginning, she was very careful to understand our goals and communicated with us in a very approachable manner throughout. She was very clear with how the process would work and her instincts and professionalism were top-notch throughout.
— D. Hanrahan
Clara was thorough, thoughtful, responsible, and transparent. She made the entire process so easy and comfortable. She will give you her honest opinion, without being pushy, and always puts you, her client, first. We were so impressed, and so well within budget, that we ended up adding 2 more rooms to the project! 

We are beyond thrilled with how everything turned out.
— Sylvia H.