A home is more than a roof over your head. Let your home be an enjoyable haven from the outside world. 



From New York to LA, and of course the Bay Area, we've designed comfortable homes for families of all shapes and sizes.  


We firmly believe that investing in your environment can brighten the atmosphere and increase your productivity. 


With experience and passion, we evaluate your design needs and help you devise creative solutions to elevate your space. Featured in Domino, Apartment Therapy and Rue. 

A just so juxtaposed Victorian


This house is a traditional Victorian on the outside but completely contemporary on the inside, a juxtaposition that lends itself well to modern living.  Using thoughtful color placement and a mix of styles, we were able to create spaces that are family friendly and ideal for entertaining.   

 Photography by Aubrie Pick

Photography by Aubrie Pick


The fun way to learn those ABCs


An educational tech company wanted to change how kids learn math and science with a fresh approach.  This new take also extended to their brick and mortar tutoring center where it was important to create an environment where kids would be excited to spend time and learn. A blend of cozy and colorful, we hope these classrooms will make homework a bit more appealing. 

banner day tutoring center_007 (1).JPG
 Photography by Vivian Johnson

Photography by Vivian Johnson


A traditional home gets a facelift 


By stripping all the add-ons from prior decades, we welcomed this 1915 home into the today and now.  Focusing on simplicity and serenity, we provided a beautiful update to this classic home. Highlighting the client's beautiful and extensive art collection, through true collaboration with the client, we've created a home you would never want to leave.  


 Photography by Vivian Johnson

Photography by Vivian Johnson


A 1920's home filled with light and character

This home still has the path where horses and wagons used to drop off goods and groceries. Luckily nowadays we have faster means of transport. However, the charm that makes this home so special when it was first built still exists today.  Filled with natural light, there are beautiful views from every single window.  We let nature take center stage and created a home that is peaceful and minimal, creating a true sanctuary amidst the Redwood trees. 

 Photography by Lauren Andersen

Photography by Lauren Andersen

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A traditional home with classic sensibilities


Well situated amongst the leafy lanes of Burlingame, sits a picturesque house on a lovely corner. Complete with a white picket fence, this house overflows in charm with all the details that matter, coved ceilings, arched doorways, and original hardware. Using just a bit of effort, we transformed this house into a home. 

 Photography by Colin Price

Photography by Colin Price

Burlingame 11.jpg

A classic home that encapsulates the Mill Valley lifestyle


With an open-concept main floor ideal for family gatherings and entertaining, this updated farmhouse home epitomizes Marin's casual fun-loving philosophy. The entire house is imbued with light, accentuating this beautiful home's details in the best way possible. 


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