Fanciful Fall Tablescapes

When I was toiling away at a law firm I played with many different ideas of what I wanted to do next. I landed on interior design but I briefly entertained the possibility of floral design or wedding planning. I was able to live out this alternate dream for a day when a dear law school friend asked me to help with the event design for her wedding. 

I've been to many, many weddings. However, since I eloped, I've never been in the midst of it all, seeing how everything comes together for a wedding. It was a wonderful albeit stressful experience. I was a little nervous since this is something I don't normally do but it all worked out wonderfully. Most importantly, the bride and groom approved and loved the final product which is what everyone strives for on the wedding day. 

On my normal interior design projects, I usually work solo although I sometimes hire contractors to help with specific parts. For this special project, there was an entire team and I worked alongside the bride's coworkers -- master foragers, artists and artisans -- who helped this vision become reality. It was wonderful working with others, as part of a team, I miss it. 

I share these photos with you because it's fall, my favorite time of the year and the tablescapes are such a beautiful representation of this season. You can use these photos for inspiration in your own home if you plan on hosting a dinner party or two. Pick up a couple of squashes, pomegranates, trim a branch from your yard and layer it with some linens and finish it with a large flower arrangement. And for those that live in the Bay Area, please take the opportunity to visit the SF Flower Mart if you ever have the time, I was able to purchase all the flowers for this wedding at an unbelievably low price and the selection was insane. 

The credit for the beauteous spread lies largely with the bride who had the vision of creating an unforgettable dinner party wedding inspired by the bounty of the season.