Mimosas + Samosas + Closet Clean Out

2015 is just around the corner, why wait till January to organize and clean out your home? Start with your closet, a manageable project. A clothing exchange party with girlfriends is a great way to get rid of that bag of clothes that has been sitting in your closet for months on end.  Why not make it fun and festive by making a party out of it?!  That's what I did this past weekend. 

For me, day-of New Year's Eve celebrations have always been somewhat anti-climactic and in recent years I have been content to just make some fancy food at home and hang out with friends. However, the prospect of getting to start with a clean slate - the idea of new opportunities and new beginnings - is worth embracing. And there is no better place to embrace those ideals than in your home.  


STEP 1. FOOD & DRINKS.  If you plan to host, make it easier by forgoing most of the cooking and picking up some samosas, serve alongside an easy side salad. And of course don't forget the champagne and high quality OJ for those oh so important mimosas. A fun tablescape always helps! 

STEP 2.  CLOTHING CONTRIBUTIONS. Another essential element of a successful clothing exchange is of course clothes and accessories.  Encourage your friends to bring anything and everything!  

STEP 3. AMAZING GIRLFRIENDS.  Invite your girlfriends, who are not only willing to bring their clothes but also willing to have fun and invest in some much needed quality girl time.  

We donated the clothes that remained at the end of the party. Of course the key is to leave with less than you came in with and that's what happened, most of us picked up 1 or 2 items and the rest was donated.  It's a great feeling to feel like you just went shopping without spending any money while also feeling that you removed some clutter from your closet! 

So much fun. Why not try this out in January when people's resolutions are still new and going strong? I promise, cleaning out your closet will seem all that much more gratifying when you are rewarded with a fun party while accomplishing your closet clean out goals.