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We use up much of our focus on career and family, and it is often our homes that become neglected.  Let your home be an enjoyable haven from the outside world. Beyond brightening the general atmosphere, investing in your home environment can also increase your productivity both inside and outside the house.  Whether your issues include space problem solving, or an outdated kitchen, we will evaluate your design needs and help you devise creative solutions to elevate your home beyond a place where you hold your belongings to a place for true rest and enjoyment. 


  • A meeting to find out if we're the right fit 

  • Discuss design solutions and be forthcoming with ideas and vendor-specific suggestions
  • On-site walkthrough of the space at issue

60 mins for $175

Full Service Design Services 

  • Create and execute a comprehensive design plan 

  • Sourcing of furniture, lighting and accessories

  • Selection of materials and finishes

  • Space planning

  • Budget and project management

  • Collaboration with architects, contractors and tradespeople