Project Minimum Requirements

We’re a small firm, so to offer an optimal experience to all parties, we maintain strict criteria in how we choose our clients and projects. Listed below are our project minimums.

  • Design Fees: 10k minimum

  • Decoration Project: 50k furniture budget minimum

  • Renovation Project: 75k renovation budget minimum


  • Principal: $200/hour

  • Senior Designer: $150/hour

  • Project Manager: No fees


One of the perks of working with a designer are having access to trade only vendors and taking advantage of our discounts. Please note the purchasing guidelines below.

  • We require that any items sourced by us, must be purchased through us.

  • Under California law, as the reseller utilizing the trade discount, we are required to be the buyers of the goods. This works well for our clients as we take care of the purchasing process and our team immediately addresses any defects or damage issues that may arise.

  • For any trade discounts that are 20% or less, we charge the retail price to cover the cost of our overhead.

  • For any trade discounts that are greater than 20%, we split the difference. For example, if the trade discount is 40% off retail. We sell the item to you at a 20% discount off retail.