HOW DOES IT WORK? 6 easy steps

The time to complete a project varies depending on a number of factors including complexity, size, and space.  We will assess the time and cost required for your project and work within your schedule and budget constraints to complete your project in a timely manner. 

Step 1.

Schedule an on-site consultation where we meet, review your space and discuss your wishes and needs. 

Step 2.

We submit a proposal. 


You approve it! And then take our questionnaire. 

Step 4. 

Based on your responses we create a design plan, then shop for your home. 

Step 5.

After all the furniture and larger pieces are ordered, we come by and make the magic happen by styling and accessorizing!

Step 6.

You bask in your newly styled space!

Our home is in a new development; several visitors, including our broker, have commented that our décor outshines the model homes. Yes, I live in one of THOSE homes now - the ones that look like they would be in a magazine or on HGTV. As someone who has never had a strong talent for interior decorating, walking around our beautifully styled home still makes me giddy.
— Jocelyn L.
I’m so glad we listened and hired Banner Day. Clara jumped into the project with full-force. even though she’s in Oakland and we’re in NYC. Through a few FaceTime conversations and photographs, we showed her our home and articulated what looks we like. She patiently sourced items, sometimes going back to the drawing board half a dozen times to find us exactly what we were looking for.
— Sarah O.
Clara was very patient and easy to work with. She was warm and open to listening to all my particulars. She was very thoughtful in all her ideas and design choices. I trust her choices and am extremely satisfied with the results.
— Tina T.