Palm Springs Mid-Century Mash-up

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I recently spent a week in Palm Springs. I spent the entire time absorbing the abundance of mid-century architecture and furniture, not to mention the sunshine! Even if you can't make a trip to Palm Springs, there is no reason why you can't infuse a bit of Palm Springs style into your home, just in time for summer. 

I was lucky to stay at the most tastefully styled Airbnb during my stay. Below are some photos. 

Living Room3.jpg

As you can see, there is no shying away from color, which I love.  And it's awesome how this house injected its own style and funk by adding so many patterns with the clean mid-century furniture as a canvas. This unique combination brings in energy and fun, the ideal feel for a Palm Springs home. One last takeaway is that there is a good mix of old and new in the styling of this home, which prevents everything from feeling one note. Instead, we have spaces that are eclectic, colorful and true to its mid-century roots. 

I get it, we all don't live within driving distance to Palm Springs. But people aren't just flocking to Palm Springs because of the warm weather. It exudes this vibe of fun, nostalgia and carefree spirit in its architecture and style. You can capture the Palm Springs spirit and bring it into your own home with just a few tweaks. Below are some suggestions! 

To complete this look, I would recommend inserting some vintage accessories to truly bring it all together. Yes, this look is very of the moment, but remove the rug and perhaps some of the throw pillows, and you're left with a very versatile blank slate that can be changed to suit your mood even 5, 10, 15 years from now!